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Jamaica "Fatta" Tyre Festival

The Jamaica Fat Tyre Festival is a week-long mountain biking extravaganza that highlights Jamaica's unique, vibrant culture and awesome trails! SMORBA has been running the event for the past 7 years and you can get a professional opinion from the likes of Dirt, MBUK, Decline and Singletrack magazines on the SMORBA Mountain Biking and BMX Media Coverage page.

Update: Registration for the 2015 event will open in mid September, 2014. Get in touch with us to get on our mailing list to make sure you get info!

2015 Preview:

The Festival will kick off with a welcome and registration party on the evening of February 14th at John Crow’s Tavern (the Festival HQ) located in the heart of Ocho Rios – the vibes capital of Jamaica’s beautiful North Coast.

Riding begins on Sunday, February 15th. Our first destination is Murphy Hill, perched high above Ocho Rios. After a shuttle up and taking in the view your brakes will overheat on the blistering descent past world renown Dunn’s River Falls. The SMORBA team has added a few new treats for repeat guests that will make up the afternoon riding schedule. The day will end at "Conscious Corner" at Rio Nuevo beach.

On Monday the 16th the crew will head out to the friendly communities of Oracabessa, Hamilton Mtn, and Jacks River. Checking out SMORBA’s trails in western St. Mary will prepare you for the after-ride relaxation and the evening’s festivities at world famous James Bond Beach in Oracabessa.

On Tuesday the 17th you will leave Ocho Rios behind and trek to Pimento Hill in St Mary for the day called “The John Crow Has Landed”. A more relaxed day of single track, downhills, and waterfalls is in store - all ending at Black Sand Beach where a meal of roast breadfruit and other local dishes prepared by local SMORBA dude, Natty Grant will await. Our accommodation for the next two nights will be at River Lodge - a place that literally defies description.

Wednesday the 18th (“Roots, Rocks, Reggae, Rum”) will see you going deep into rural Jamaica near Robin’s Bay, St. Mary. These amazing, technical singletracks (including the famed Carlton Pass) are the trails that led Katrina Strand to proclaim “This is the best day of my life… and it isn’t even over yet!”

Thursday the 19th ("Mango Juice Rotors). Time to head to the Blue Mountains. On our way we'll ride some of Gravity Jamaica's best tracks including: Woodford, Happy Gate and Downpipe Gully. Well have late lunch at Island Outpost's famous Strawberry Hill Resort (where you can see Chris Blackwell's collection of gold and platinum records from the likes of Bob Marley and U2) before heading down Jus'kiddin and ending the day at Scorpio Inn.

Friday, February 20. The Assault on Blue Mtn. Peak. A physically demanding day. Get up before the break of dawn to get shuttled to 4200 feet. Ride, hike or walk to Blue Mtn. Peak at 7402 feet. Spend a few minutes taking in the sights and then get ready for some of the sweetest natural single track (and a 4,000 foot descent) you can find anywhere in the world!

On Saturday, February 23rd we'll make our way down from the Blue Mountains and head back to Ocho Rios. On the way we will tackle the "Money or Boot's" and Triple Bypass trails which lead all the way from Flamstead to the edge of Kingston. This year the ride ends at Purple Rock in Bull Bay - one of the most unique beach hang-outs in all of Jamaica! Later in the evening we drag our tired backsides back to Ocho Rios.